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Transfer in Georgia

Typical yellow "Marschrutkas" in Tbilisi © Sven Müller

There are number of possibilities to get around in Georgia. The most common and popular means of transport are the so called "marshrutkas", these are minibuses running throughout the whole country on fixed routes. City "marshrutkas" can beckoned like a taxi. However, the stopping points are given only in Georgian and you should know exactly where to get off.

The "marshrutka" ride within the city/town costs approx. 50-80 Tetri, and the long-distance rides across the country approx. 5-20 Lari. Normally, there are no precise timetables, which is why you should plan enough time for the long-distance rides, the drivers may determine spontaneously when to depart depending on the number of passengers.

Taxi ride in Georgia

Taxi is also a quite cost-effective option, especially in Tbilisi. There are a lot of taxis moving around in the capital, you can catch a taxi without waiting too long, but you should definitely negotiate the price before you get in. A taxi ride within the city costs approx. 5-10 Lari, night rides mostly cost a bit more. Taxi rides from the airport to the downtown cost approx. 25-30 Lari.


Bus ride in Georgia

There are a number of city buses with fixed routes in the capital, some of them, the new blue ones from MAN introduced in Autumn 2016, are equipped even with a USB port for passengers. You can pay the ride in the bus by holding a magnetcard (see Metro) to the ticket reader or by drawing a ticket from the dispenser (have a 50-Tetri-coin ready at hand).  

You can find all the necessary information on bus timetables etc. on the highly informative website:


Metro (Underground) in Tbilisi

The underground in Tbilisi is very simple and uncomplicated. There are only two main direction lines covering almost the entire city with only one central interchange station. Metro rides can be paid for by holding a magnetcard (MetroMoney) to the scanner at the underground stations. You can buy a magnetcard for 2 Lari and load it with any amount you like at any station counter.

The MetroMoney magnetcard is valid for the Tbilisi Underground as well for the city buses. Within a 2-hour period of time the price for the first ride is 50 Tetri, then 30 and 20 Tetri for following rides.

You can give the card back any time within one year and get back your deposit (2 Lari) as well the residual credit back.

Note: you are going to need a MetroMoney card for the cableway to the Narikala Fortress and back to the Europa (Rike) Park as well. The card can be bought at the cableway ticket counter. The fare: 2 Lari.

Road conditions in Georgia

All the central highways and roads have been renovated in the past few years, so that cars and minibuses can drive quite comfortably on all the main routes. Most of the popular tourist destiantions are easily accessible by the well-maintained road network.


Despite strict traffic control and speed limit the driving habits of Georgians are very unusual for Europeans. Risky overtaking manoeuvres, as well as driving on the central reservation, even in oncoming traffic, is normal. You are going to need strong nerves for the multi-lane city traffic in Tbilissi. 

Road signs & information signposts

Sognposting throughout Georgia is sparse and partially unrelible. In many smaller towns signs for street names and house numbers are missing. Private accommodations in particulr, are not always easy to find, sometimes you have to ask your way in English or Russian.

Using the

When using the, Open Street map or a navigation device you should consider that often there are several spellings for the same place- and proper names.  

Our tip

For those who are travelling in Georgia for the first time or have little time available, it is strongly recommended to hire a car with a driver. It will save time and definitely a lot of nerves.


More information on: Hire a car and a driver in Georgia

Rental car tours in Georgia

There are different car hire companies in Georgia offering vehicles from/to Tbilissi, Batumi or kutaisi:,,,

Hiring a car only does not necessarily keep the total costs of a journey down. The price for a car with a driver per day is often less expensive than the vehicle alone.

Since 2016 due to safety reasons GEORGIA INSIGHT does not offer rental car tours any more.

Driving alone in Svaneti, Tusheti and Khevsureti

For remote places throughout Georgia and  in the mountainous regions, Tusheti and Khevsureti in particular, sage all-terrain vehicles, excellent driving skills, or rather off-road experience is strictly necessary. We strongly recommend you from driving on your own in those regions.

We offer the mediation of all-terrain vehicles, minibuses and buses (25-45 seats) with drivers. Teh vehicles are in a perfect technical condition and equipped with air-conditioning. Our drivers have decades of experience and have been working for us for many years.

More information on: hiring a vehicle & a driver in Georgia

Flüge nach Mestia

The flight provider Vanilla Sky offers flights from Tbilisi-Natakhtari (25km away from Tbilis) to Mestia several times a week. However, you should not rely on timetable while planing you journey. The flights to the high mountain regions ar very weather-dependent and therefore are often cancelled on short notice.


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