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Georgian currency

The Georgian currency is the Georgian Lari (in Georgian: ლარი, ISO-Code: GEL), devided into 100 Tetri

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Prices in Georgia

Georgia is not a cheap travel destination. You can get a bottle of water for 80 Tetri, a cup of coffe for 7 Lari, a taxi for 6-10 Lari.

Local products, such as cheese and fruits, are quite cheap, products from the west are mostly more expensive than in the country of origin. Accommodation rates are high and do not always meet the standard.

Changing currency in Georgia

You should change money when in Georgia for a significantly better exhange rate. You can change money at any bank in Georgia. However, the exchange rate is mostly much better at currency exchange offices. For safety we recommend to calculate the rate beforehand and count the money right away.

Almost every city/town in Georgia has the EC cashpoints by now. It is advisable to have the cash (GEL) in small notes to shop in smaller markets and souvenir stalls. Taxi drivers too, often have no change available. Credit cards also may not always be accepted, especially outside Tbilisi.

The following banks in Georgia cash the American Express Traveller Cheques:

TBC Bank:
Procreditbank Georgia:

Information to the Georgian currency

The Georgian Lari was introduced on the 25th of December 1995 by the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) replacing the Georgian Coupon currency (Georgian: kuponi), an emergency currency used parallel to the Russian Rouble and US Dollar in the years 1993-1995.

The word Lari means a mixed concept of treasure and property, Tetri means white; as early as in the 6th c. BC in the western part of the country people used their own local means of payment, the silver coins known as Colchian Tetri. The 50 Tetri-coins today still depict the small lion head engraved on the ancient Colchian silver coins as a linking element between the two.


International currency symbol for Georgian Lari

Since 2014 the Gerogian lari has its own international symbol.

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The Georgian Lari (GEL)

Georgischer 50 Lari Schein

Georgian banknotes

All Georgian banknotes have the Georgian symbol Borjghali on the front side, this ancient sun symbol with seven wings, and on the back side - English labelling Georgia.

1 Lari: Niko Pirosmani, Georgian artist Maler 19. c.
2 Lari: Sakharia Paliaschvili, Georgian composer and founder of the Opera 19. c.
5 Lari: Ivane Javakhishvili, Georgian scientist and co founder of the first University
10 Lari: Akaki Tsereteli, Georgian poet 19. c.
20 Lari: Ilia Chavchavadze, Georgian writer 19. c.
50 Lari: King Tamara 12. c.
100 Lari: Shota Rustaveli, epic poem writer Middle Ages 12. c.
200 Lari: Kakutsa Cholokashvili, Georgian resistance fighter against the Red Army
500 Lari: King David the Builder, founder of the Gelati Academy  11. c.


Georgian coins

1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Tetri, since 2006 also 1 and 2 Lari.

1 Tetri silver: vine
2 Tetri silver: peacock with spread wings
5 Tetri silver: lion, golden statue from the 3rd c. BC. 
10 Tetri silver: a holy father riding a lionder, silver plate from Gelati, 11. c.
20 Tetri silver: deer, a detail from a painting of the Gerogian artist Pirosmani
50 Tetri copper: gryphon, a relief on the east façade of the Samtavisi-Church, 11. c.
50 Tetri silver: emblem of Georgia
1 Lari silver: emblem of Georgia
2 Lari silver a. copper: emblem of Georgia


For any further questions regarding the currency exchange in Georgia please feel free to contact us.