Actively exploring Georgia

Special Tours Georgia

Photo tours, wine tours or nature study tours. Georgia is great for various activities. With us you experience Georgia from your prefered perspective.

New in our offer since 2018: ornithologic tours for nature-lovers and experts.

Other travel options

Wine & gourmet tours in Georgia: on our Wine Tour Georgia you learn everything about the Georgian methods of viticulture and wine making in Kvevris, the clay amphorae. You travel along the georgian Wine Route across Kakheti, where every peasant is a winemaker and every village stands for its own Wine name. You visit the famous and outstanding vienyards of the country and taste an exclusive selection of highquality wines. Every evening is rounded off with a dinner serving excellent menus to taste delicious dishes of the rich Georgian cuisine.

On our Photo tours you travel across Georgia with the focus on its uniqueness, scurillity and exceptional originality. Georgia stands out with brilliant landscapes, ranging from the icy cliffs of the Caucasus to the red rocks of the steppe deserts and the magnetic sand coasts of the Black Sea. The most striking motifs though are people themselves, living between the pulling poles of the archaic traditions and the modern life.

The ornithologic tours are new in our travel offer. The tour was developed togethar with an experienced ornithologist and carried out in 2017 for the time with a NABU travel group from Heidenheim. They were able to watch more than 190 bird species on our Ornithologic Tour 12 Days. The raptorial birds in the Gareja steppe desert and the Vashlovani National Park are the most impressing ones.