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Mountaineering in Georgia

Mountaineering in Georgia: the Great Caucasus belongs to the youngest Mountain ranges of the Earth and offers a number of the most beautiful and versatile glaciers worldwide, such as Shkhara 5.200m, Ushba 4.700m, Elbrus 5.640m (in Russia) and of course the mighty solitaire Kazbeg 5.047m, the highest summit in the eastern Great Caucasus.

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Georgia ist an appealing destinaton for mountaineers because the mountain regions have been largely spared by mass tourism so far. One of the most beautiful summits to climb is Kazbeg, a dormant volcano and an impressive solitaire in the eastern Great Caucasus. Kazbeg is located approximately 140km from Tbilisi. One of our finest tours Day Tour Kazbeg leads along the Georgian Military Road over the Cross Pass to the mountain village Stepantsminda at the foot of the 5.047m high Kazbeg.

Kazbeg Climbing

Climbing Kazbeg is best to be done in two stages: ascent to the Betlemi Hut with an acclimatisation day and from there ascent to the summit of the Kazbeg Glacier. The weather up there is very volatile, therefore it is advisable to plan a reserve day. The Betlemi Hut is a former meteorological station, that is used as a simple accommodation for mountaineers.

An experienced Georgian mountaineer is strictly necessary to conquer the summit. From a technical perspective Kazbeg is not a difficult summit, nevertheless, there are deaths every year, in 2015 the wellknown mountaineer Edi Koblmüller was fatally injured. As the locals say "Kazbeg lets no one joke with him"!

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