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Discover the most important destinations of Georgian culture at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Art, architecture and the UNESCO world cultural heritage, medieval churches, icons and early Christian frescoes. Visit the highlights of Georgia on our exciting cultural- and study tours and feel the breath of history!

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On our cultural- and study tours you experience a perfect mixture of culture and nature, current and historical highlights. Discover the age-old cultureland Georgia at the crosspoint of the Military- and the Silkroad.

Cultural tour or Study tour?

There is no binding definition as to what exactly the difference between a cultural- and a study tour may be. We settled on the definition cultural tour to emphasise that the focus of the tour programmes lies on "culture". Nevertheless, you can just as well designate our cultural tours as study tours: "Study Tour on the Topic of Georgian Architecture and Culture".

Cultural tours from our offer provide an even closer look into the versatile Georgian architectural styles. You get to visit significantly more churches and monasteries as compared to the classical round tours.

Naturally, the UNESCO world cultural heritage sites Mtskheta, Kutaissi and higher Swaneti are of a particular interest here. Beyond that, you visit more specific sightseeing places too, such as the Nikortsminda Church in Racha, the Kintsvisi Monastery or the Nekressi Monastery-Complex in Kakheti.

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Cultural-, Study Tour Guides

Our guides are no experts but they have an extensive knowledge and can therefore provide a good overview of historico-cultural eras.

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