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Hiking Tours in Georgia

Hiking in Georgia is a delectation. Landscape diversity, untouched nature, incredible biodiversity and the highest village in Europe. Experience the highland, the coast line and the steppe desert on an extraordinary journey between the Caucasus and the Black Sea.

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Hiking in Georgia is the finest way to enjoy the Caucasus in all its diversity. As there are barely any marked hiking routes, we would advise against hiking on your own. Having a local mount- or trekking guide by your side will surely help you discover some hidden corners otherwise inaccessible.

Hike and experience culture

Culture and nature go hand in hand in Georgia, most medieval churches can be found in the heart of nature, often to be reached only after a short hike. Therefore on all our tours you can enjoy the spectacular landscapes and the diverse flora of the Caucasus as well as the extraordinary Georgian architecture: churches, cave monasteries and fortified towers. Many of them belong to the UNESCO world culture heritage.

The favourite destinations for the hikers are the mountain regions Swaneti, Tuscheti and Khevsureti. The Kazbeg region, only a few hours drive away from Tbilisi, is ideal as a "building block" for a custumised itinerary as well as for a 2- or 3-days-trip. Here you can go on an extended hike to the barely populated valleys Sno and Truso. Accommodation will be provided in the mountain village Stepantsminda at the foot of the Kazbeg Glacier.

In the north of Georgia lies the mountain region Swaneti. The region can be reached on a well-maintained road and the infrastructure is relatively well developed, too. Accommodation possibilities in Mestia are excellent. The hotel Bapsha, opened in 2017, with a classy minimalistic furnishing and good local cuisine is our special insider tip for you.

Far to the east lies the mountain region Tusheti. Besides the magnificent mountains, particularly impressive about Tusheti is its unspoilt appeal of nature. Tourism has already arrived here too, though much more reticent than in Swaneti. The bumpy offroad drive over the Abano Pass alone is still a genuine adventure. The unpaved mountain road belongs to the most dangerous roads in the world. Tusheti can be explored on a short tour, with overnight stays in the administrative centre Omalo or you can do a multi-day trekking tour from Tusheti to the neighbouring region Khevsureti. The effortful crossing of the Atsunta Pass and two-nights-stay in a tent under the crystal clear Caucasus sky are the pillars of this tour.

Between the Kazbeg region and Tusheti lies to date the most secluded region of Georgia Khevsureti. The Shatili fortress, a typical Caucasus fortress-village is very well preserved and belongs to the most impressive travel destinations in Georgia. The nearby Mutso fortress on the other hand is all in ruins and stands at the top of the list of the most endangered monuments of Georgia. Just like Tusheti Khevsureti can be reached only via an unpaved road leading over the Bear Pass and even this is possible only during a few months in the year. The overnight stay here can be provided in a renovated fortress tower.

Hiking in Georgia

Also popular among our guests are the classical round trips with some shorter hiking tracks incorporated within, e.g. in Kazbeg and Swaneti. Our multi-day trekking tours Tuscheti and Khevsureti on the other hand are ideal for those who already have some hiking experience and good stamina. In these two regions our hiking guide accompanies you along the partially unpopulated areas over the highest passes in Europe impassable by any kind of vehicle. Accommodation is provided in tents and towers.



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