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Trekking Tusheti-Khevsureti 7 Days

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All our travel offers can also be booked as a private journey to have advantages such as, flexible date choice and individual support of your personal guide. On our private journeys you travel alone or with a private group, e.g. with your family or friends, and have a guide and a driver exclusively at your group’s disposal.

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Touroperator Tamuna Kuprashvili

Tamuna, Maka and Teona make up our enthusiastic operator-team.
We are gladly at your service for questions and more information. Contact

duration: 7 days / 6 nights
tour guide: English-speaking
catering: Full board
difficulty: 4

Challenging. Very good stamina required. Strenuous pass-crossing in a dificult terrain and hikes up to 10 successive hours.

From Tusheti to Khevsureti, at the northeast edge of Europe with an experienced trekking guide, cook and packhorses. Experience impressive landscapes and untouched nature on one of the most spectacular routes in the wild Greater Caucasus. Overnight stays in fortress towers, private homes and tents.


  • Gombori Mountains
  • Off-road to Omalo
  • Omalo, Ethnographic Museum
  • Villages: Dartlo, Parsma, Girevi
  • Abandoned village: Tchontio
  • Atsunta Pass 3.431m, Khoni Valley
  • Mutso Ruins, Khevsureti
  • Shatili fortified village, Khevsureti
  • Farewell-picnic in the Aragvi Adventure Camp


1Journey to Tusheti

Abano Pass (2.926m), Omalo, Keselo Fortress

Journey from Tbilisi across the Gombori Mountains to a small town Alvani and off-road to the Tusheti highlands. A picnic at the Abano Pass, the busiest pass in Georgia (2.926m) with a vast view towards Tusheti north and over the Alazani Valley in Kakheti in the south. The tour proceeds to Omalo, administrative centre of Tusheti. After a late afternoon recovery break the tour proceeds upwards to the defensive fortress Keselo of Old-Omalo and a visit to the Ethnographic Tower-Museum..

Driving distance: approx. 200km, time: approx. 6-7 hrs.
Overnight stay in Omalo (-/P/D)

2To the Pirikita Alazani Valley

Pirikita Alazani Valley, Dartlo, Kvavlo

We begin our trekking tour with a hike west from Omalo to a verdant valley of the Pirikita-Alazani River to a fortified village Dartlo with characteristic pyramid shape fortress-towers. The route runs initially very leisurely through a forest and partially along a linking road (you may come across minor traffic here). From here you have a magnificent view over the Kesselo Fortress behind you and from the last section of the route you can enjoy the enchanting sight of Dartlo, the most fabulous village in Tusheti, hanging on a mountain slope. Here you can take a break for a picnic on a green meadow with a spectacular view over the valley, the mountains and the age-old fortress-towers. At request, you can have an “afternoon off” or do a small hike to the Kvavlo village, the last village close the border to Chechnya. Lying Hidden and hardly accessible between two closely adjacent mountains, throughout centuries the village remained untouched by hostile attacks and is reputed to be the only unconquered village in Tusheti.  

Hike distance: approx. 15km, time: approx. 4-5 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 250m, down approx. 250m
Overnight stay in Dartlo (B/P/D)

3With pack horses to Parsma and Girevi

Parsma, Girewi

From today on, we will be accompanied by a cook and pack horses. The equipment, tents and luggage packed on horses the trekking heads to the sparsely populated regions of Tusheti. At first, the route runs still parallel to the connecting road right along the Alazani River towards the village Parsma. From there on there is only a footpath leading further to the last inhabited village of Tusheti, Girevi, an old fortified village, surrounded by various myths and legends.   

Hike distance: approx. 14km, time: approx. 5 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 200m, down approx. 100m
Overnight stay in Girevi (B/P/D)

4Land of wild freedom

Chontio, Kvakhidi

After an uncomplicated pass control (border- and conservation area) we begin the most beautiful track of the hike across an unpopulated region. Now the route leads continuously through magnificent nature across the abandoned old village Chontio to Kvakhidi, a shepherd settlement on an idyllic meadow right at the Alazani River. 

Hike distance: approx. 15km, time: approx. 7-8 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 750m, down approx. 400m
Overnight stay in tents (B/P/D)

5To the land of Khevsurs, crossing the Atsunda Pass (3.431m)

Atsunta Pass (3.431m)

Today’s route poses the biggest challenge of the trekking tour for it foresees to overcome an extreme altitudinal variation on a rocky, partially quite arduous terrain. The mountains become significantly higher and the route more adventurous. Twice en route we need to cross a river. The path becomes cliffy, winding up beyond the vegetation belt. The last 300 metres lead over a steep talus - caution is required here - until in approximately 5-6 hours, we finally reach the Atsunda Pass at the altitude of 3.431m. The track is one of the only connection trails to the neighbouring highland Khevsureti. To recover from the exertions, we can enjoy an extending break upon a cliff top of Mount Tebulo (4.493m), the highest mountain in Tusheti the top of which reveals a truly enchanting view. Subsequently, we begin an easier descent (approx. 1,5 h.) to the campground tucked onto a slope at the altitude of 2.920m with fabulous panorama view towards Khevsureti and the mountains of Chechnya. In clear weather from here we can even see Mount Kazbeg and the Tschauri Massif.

Hike distance: approx. 15km, time: approx. 7-8 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 1.200m, down approx. 700m
Overnight stay in tents (B/P/D)

6Khevsurian fortress villages Mutso and Shatili

Mutso ruins, Anatori, Shatili Fortress

Today’s track starts with a hike from the Atsunda Pass over the “Rhododendron Mount”. The route runs midway through a blooming (May and June) rhododendron meadow, with a dreamlike view of Mount Tebulo in the background. The spot offers the last opportunity to enjoy the mountain-scenery from above. Further on, the route continues along an easy downhill track. En route there is an unmanned frontier post to pass followed by a relatively long and laborious descent. From now on the first settlements begin to appear and after an approximately two-hour-long descent, we reach the valley. From here there is another 45-minute walk along the river to a little Khevsuretian village Ardoti, where you have the opportunity to compare the two distinctive tower designs of these two regions, Tusheti and Khevsureti. There are two families living there in very simple conditions just like in medieval times. Our off-road vehicles, already waiting here, will cover the remaining segment of the route to Shatili, the most impressive fortress settlement. Here you can enjoy cold beer and take time to recover from today’s delightful endeavours. 

Driving time: approx. 1 h.
Hike distance: approx.22km, time: approx. 5-6 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 1.200m, down approx. 1.400m
Overnight stay in Shatili (B/P/D)

7Farewell to the Greater Caucasus

Picnic at the Aragvi Adventure Center

The final day of the tour starts with a walk through the settlement. The fortress village Shatili is situated in the steep Arghuni Gorge at the altitude of 1.400m. The walls of the tightly packed towers and houses with over 60 residential- and defense towers form a single protective fortress. In the afternoon, we start an off-road return journey to Tbilisi through the Bear Pass (2.676m). Shortly before it goes back to “civilization”, we can have a relaxed farewell-picnic at the Aragvi Adventure Centre, a beloved rafting and picnic camp right at the Aragvi River bank.

Driving distance: approx. 200km, time: approx. 6 hrs.
Board: (B/P/-)



  • All transfers according to the programme, in a comfortable off-road vehicle
  • Packhorses on days 3-6

Tour guide:

  • English-speaking GEORGIA INSIGHT Trekkingguide
  • Cook and local guide on days 3-6


  • Omalo, private home 1x
  • Dartlo, private home 1x
  • Tent 3x
  • Shatili, family-run guesthouse 1x

Please note: availability of single rooms is very limited in Omalo and Shatili, not available in Dartlo 


  • Dinner on day 1
  • Breakfast, picnic, dinner on days 2-6
  • Breakfast and picnic on day 7
  • One bottle of genuine Georgian grape brandy per group


  • According to the programme


Not included

  • Flight
  • Accommodation in Tbilisi
  • travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages except for the degustations according to the programme
  • Tips


Check our packing list for trekkingtours

Luggage transportation

You are going to need only a daypack. The main luggage will be transported in a vehicle and on pack horses from accommodation to accommodation.


Tents will be provided free of charge. Extra charge for a single tent: 15 EUR a day.

Sleeping bags and thermal mats

We would advise you to bring your own sleeping bag. Rent for a standard sleeping bag: 10 EUR a day.
Thermal mats can be rented on site. Rent for an inflatable thermal mat: 3 EUR a day.

Camping table-ware

Camping table-ware will be provided free of charge. We advise you to bring your own 1-1,5l drinking bottle. There are plenty of water springs along the hiking routes to refill the bottle with fresh water.


We recommend you to carry your purse close to your body, not to leave your baggage unattended in public places, to calculate the sum before exchanging money and to check change.

Accommodation in the mountain regions

The accommodation in the mountain regions will be provided in private guesthouses mostly in double- , occassionally in triple rooms. Sometimes several rooms have to share one bathroom.

Passport control for the nature reservation areas

We are going to enter a nature reservation/border area during the tour. A simple procedure of pass control is necessary.

Long driving distance

Some day-routes require a relatively longer driving distance. Nevertheless, they are carefully planned to be diverse and exciting. You are welcome to have photo stops and/or a picnic en route.

Single room

Generally, single rooms are available everywhere, though limited in the mountain regions. Therefore, we advise you to enquire the availibility in advance, especially during the high season.

Open questions

You can further information under the menu point Travel information and FAQs. Should there be any open questions left, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be happy to answer any further questions you have.

Travel component

The travel offer is meant as a component possible to be done separately or to be integrated in a longer itinerary with other travel components to your choice. Therefore, the standard version of the travel offer does not include the accommodation in Tbilisi. 

Single room in the mountain regions

The  availability of a single room in the mountainous regions is very limited. In case of 8 or more participants, the accommodations will be provided in double or triple rooms.

Crossing a pass in a mountain region

The roads are often unpaved/unsecured, therefore, accessible only during the summer period from May to September. Heavy rainfalls may lead to a landslide, hence we discourage you from doing the tour under bad weather conditions. 

Price list

participants price per person
6 1115 €
5 1270 €
4 1415 €
3 1425 €
2 1685 €