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Short Trip Tusheti 5 Days

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All our travel offers can also be booked as a private journey to have advantages such as, flexible date choice and individual support of your personal guide. On our private journeys you travel alone or with a private group, e.g. with your family or friends, and have a guide and a driver exclusively at your group’s disposal.

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June to September 2 - 6 enquiry »


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Touroperator Tamuna Kuprashvili

Tamuna, Maka and Teona make up our enthusiastic operator-team.
We are gladly at your service for questions and more information. Contact

duration: 5 days / 4 nights
tour guide: English-speaking
catering: Half board
difficulty: 2

Effortless, short hikes (up to 2 hours)

The five-day short trip leads you into the very heart of remote Tusheti. Experience the extraordinary mountain world of the Eastern Greater Caucasus, discover fortress towers, medieval villages and archaic traditions.


  • Gombori Mountains & Off-road drive across the Abano Pass
  • Shenako mountain village with its shale-rock church
  • Diklo, the last village at the border of Daghestan
  • Omalo with its Keselo Fortress
  • Mountain villages Dartlo, Kvavlo, Khesho, Parsma a. Girevi
  • Gometsari Valley, Dochu, Bochorma


1Off-road drive to Omalo

Gombori Mountains, Abano Pass (2.926m), Omalo, Keselo Fortress

Journey from Tbilisi across the Gombori Mountains up to Alvani and on in an off-road vehicle into the Tushetian highlands. En route we cross the Abano Pass, the highest accessible pass in Georgia (2.926m) with a breathtaking view to Tusheti in the north and the Kakheti Alazani Valley in the south. We continue our journey to Omalo, where we visit the Ethnographic Museum and the defensive fortress of Keselo.

Driving distance: approx. 200km, time: approx. 7 hrs.
Overnight stay in Omalo (-/P/D)

2Christian and pagan traditions

Shenako, Diklo

Today we head along the river Pirikita Alazani and on along a steep wriggling path to the high-lying village Shenako with one of the few churches in Tusheti. After a relaxed picknick we take an easy walk to a plateau with a superb overview on Diklo, the last Tuschetian village at the Daghestani border, opening up a spectacular view onto a mighty fortress-complex lying spectacularly above a cliffy gorge down.

Driving distance: approx. 12km, time: approx. 2 hrs.
Hike time: approx. 1 h.
Overnight stay in Omalo (B/P/D)

3Villages and fortress towers of Tusheti

Dartlo, Parsma, Girevi

Today we take a trip into the Pirikita Alazani Valley to the fortress village Dartlo and further on to the village Parsma. On your right-hand side you see chains of majestic mountains, the natural border to Chechnya. The road ends here and the trip continues on foot to the last Tushetian village Girevi connected only by a narrow footpath to the neighbouring region Khevsureti.

Driving distance: approx. 33km, time: approx. 2 hrs.
Overnight stay in Dartlo (B/P/D))

4Hike to the highest-lying mountain village

Dano, Kvavlo

This time we explore the village Dartlo, with a number of its medieval fortress towers. Further on, we hike to the settlements Dano and Kvavlo lying high over the river Alazani, with their excellently-preserved, characteristic pyramid-shape tops. Finally, we drive back to Omalo.

Driving distance: approx. 15km, time: approx. 1 hrs.
Hike time: approx. 2 hrs.
Overnight stay in Omalo (B/P/D)

5Wildland in Caucasus

Gometsari Valley, Dochu, Bochorma

The final day holds for us a trip to the north into the Gometsari Valley. At first we follow a footpath to the village Bochorma, the highest-lying village in Tusheti (2.350m), from where you enjoy a vast view onto Old-Omalo and its surroundings. Our next destination is the prominent Tushetian village, Dochu, tucked on a cliffy slope, famous for its age-old, multiple-store balconies.
After the trip we take our journey back to Tbilisi.

Driving distance: approx. 200km, time: approx. 7 hrs.
Board: (B/P/-)



  • According to the programme, in a comfortable minibus


  • English-speaking GEORGIA INSIGHT guide


  • Omalo, private acommodation 3x
  • Dartlo, private acommodation 1x


  • Dinner on day 1
  • Breakfast, picknick, dinner on days 2-4
  • Breakfast, Picknick on day 5
  • One bottle of water a day


  • According to the programme


Not included

  • Overnight stay in Tbilisi
  • Alcoholic beverages


Single room in the mountain regions

The  availability of a single room in the mountainous regions is very limited. In case of 8 or more participants, the accommodations will be provided in double or triple rooms.

Travel component

The travel offer is meant as a component possible to be done separately or to be integrated in a longer itinerary with other travel components to your choice. Therefore, the standard version of the travel offer does not include the accommodation in Tbilisi. 

Open questions

You can further information under the menu point Travel information and FAQs. Should there be any open questions left, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be happy to answer any further questions you have.

Single room

Generally, single rooms are available everywhere, though limited in the mountain regions. Therefore, we advise you to enquire the availibility in advance, especially during the high season.

Long driving distance

Some day-routes require a relatively longer driving distance. Nevertheless, they are carefully planned to be diverse and exciting. You are welcome to have photo stops and/or a picnic en route.


Ankle boots with a profiled sole are absolutely enough for hiking. Some monasteries have strict dressing regulations. Ladies have to wear a longer skirt and a headscarf, gentlemen - long trousers (below knee) and a shirt with sleeves (over shoulders). We would recommend you to pack some clothes in classic style for restaurants, Georgians in general, go out very well dressed.

Accommodation in the mountain regions

The accommodation in the mountain regions will be provided in private guesthouses mostly in double- , occassionally in triple rooms. Sometimes several rooms have to share one bathroom.


The accommodation in Tbilisi is provided in 3-star hotels, in the countryside - in family-run hotels/guesthouses, in remote regions - private home guesthouses. We chose all the accommodations very carefully. Nevertheless, please note that the standards here should not always be compared with those in west Europe.


The temperature in the lowlands from June to august can rise up to 40-45 degrees, sunscreen with high protection factor is strongly recommended. In the mountain regions on the other side, the temperature may get to approx. 20-25 degrees, in the evening it often cools down to 15-20 degrees.


We recommend you to carry your purse close to your body, not to leave your baggage unattended in public places, to calculate the sum before exchanging money and to check change.


Generally, if you were satisfied with quality and service a small tip is welcome. 

Price list

participants price per person
6 595 €
5 680 €
4 630 €
3 720 €
2 880 €