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Hiking Tour Georgia 12 Days | incl. Svaneti Trekking

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Touroperator Tamuna Kuprashvili

Tamuna, Maka and Teona make up our enthusiastic operator-team.
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duration: 12 days / 13 nights
tour guide: English-speaking
catering: Halfboard / Fullboard
difficulty: 3

Medium difficulty, hikes up to 8 successive hours

Hiking in the Greater Caucasus including a 6-day trekking from Mestia to Ushguli, the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe. Spectacular gorges, glacial lakes and adventurous passes. Accommodation in local family-run guesthouses. Farewell dinner & wine degustation at IAGO’s Marani.


  • Tbilisi, Old City, the National Museum
  • Mtskheta, Svetitskhoveli, Jvari
  • Kutaisi, Bagrati Cathedral
  • Zugdidi, Etseri
  • Becho Valley, Ushba waterfall
  • Mestia, Machubi, National Museum
  • Svanian villages Shabeshi, Adishi, Kalde, Iprali
  • The Lagurka Church, village Ushguli
  • Enguri Valley, Shkhara Glacier
  • Latpari Pass, Lentekhi
  • Wine estate IAGO’s Marani


Arrival in Tbilisi

Reception at the airport as usual shortly after midnight and transfer to hotel.

Driving distance: 25km, time: 20-35 min.
Overnight stay in Tbilisi

1Cultural diversity and the treasure of Colchis

Tbilisi, old town, Metekhi, Narikala, Rustaveli, National Museum

Sightseeing tour in Tbilisi Old City starts in the morning (later upon request). Medieval churches Metekhi (13th c.), Anchiskhati (6th c.) and Sioni (13th c.), synagogue, mosque and Narikala Fortress (4th c.). After a stop at the oriental baths-district and Freedom Square, the tour goes further along central Rustaveli-Avenue. Subsequently, the schedule foresees a visit to the National Museum with the Treasure Chamber of Georgia. The museum collection contains i.a. fascinating goldsmith’s artworks of ancient Colchis. A delicious welcome dinner in a traditional restaurant concludes the first day.

Walking tour: 8-10km, approx. 5-6 hrs.
Overnight stay in Tbilisi (B/-/D)

2Journey to Kutaisi via Mtskheta

Mtskheta, Jvari, Svetitskhoveli, Rikoti Pass, Kutaisi

Journey to the west over Mtskheta, the old capital of Georgia at the crosspoint of the Military- and the Silk Roads. Visiting the Jvari Monastery (7th c.) looking over the old capital and the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th c.), the heart and soul of Georgia in the centre of Mtskheta. We continue our journey to the west passing by typical small villages, each of them standing for a certain craft of trade: hammocks, wickerwork, Nazukis (sweat bread with raisins). Halfway to reaching Kutaisi we cross the Likhi Mountains, a mighty massif connecting the Greater Caucasus in the North with the Lesser Caucasus in the South thus creating a climate divide between east and west Georgia. In the afternoon we reach Kutaisi, one of the oldest cities in Georgia and an important politico-cultural centre up to the recent time. Before dinner there is time to take a small walk tour.

Driving distance: approx. 250km, time: approx. 5 hrs.
Overnight stay in Kutaisi (B/-/D)

3Fabulous Svaneti

Zugdidi, Dadiani Palace, Greater Caucasus, Etseri

Our journey leads us to Etseri, a village ensemble lying at the altitude of 1.400m in the wild mountainous landscapes of Svaneti. En route we visit the Dadiani Palace (19th c.) in Zugdidi, the historical capital of the region Mengrelia, once the seat of the powerful Dadiani princes.  The Dadiani royal line was considered to be the mightiest royal family in west Georgia in the 13th century already. The palace was built by Achille Murat, the grandson of Napoleon’s sister Caroline Bonaparte.

Driving distance: approx. 250km, time: approx. 5-6 hrs.
Overnight stay in Etseri (B/-/D)

4Hike from Etseri to Becho

Etseri, Baki Pass, Mazeri, Becho

Our hike starts in Etseri. The route runs through the village and then along a small path uphill passing by quite a few shepherd huts and on to the Baki Pass at the altitude of 2.416m, from where we enjoy a splendid panoramic view including Mt. Ushba. After a refreshing picknick we descend crossing a pine forest and a meadow until we reach the village Mazeri, part of the Becho settlement at the altitude of 1.600m.

Hike distance: approx. 22km, time: approx. 7-8 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 1000m, down approx. 800m

Overnight stay in Becho (B/P/D)

5Becho Valley & Ushba waterfall

Becho Valley, Ushba waterfall, Mestia, „Machubi”

Today we hike above the Becho Valley to the Ushba waterfall. The route runs comfortably through the forests for about 40 minutes followed by a quite steep ascent. In about 2 hours we reach the waterfall. After the break we descend back to the lowland and drive to Mestia. In the afternoon we visit one of the typical Svanetian tower-houses “Machubi”, where a family, together with all their winter- and livestock, used to reside in medieval times. Immediately adjacent to the tower-house you find its own defense tower, which used to provide protection to an entire extended family for centuries. We also visit the Mestia National Museum with its collection of important icons and gold treasures from Early Middle Ages, which were brought from towns to the Svaneti during the impending danger of attacks in the past and thanks to the remoteness of the Svaneti highlands had been spared from robbery and destruction.

*Hiking in rainy weather not recommended
Driving distance: approx. 25km, time: approx. 1 h.
Hike distance: approx. 25km, time: approx. 4-5 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 740m, down approx. 740m

Overnight stay in Mestia (B/P/D)

6Hike from Mestia to Shabeshi

Mulakhi, Tetnuld Glacier, Shabeshi

Today we take up the trail from Mestia to Shabeshi. The route runs slightly uphill first, with a beautiful view over Mestia, and later rather steeply. In the east you see the white pyramid of Mt. Tetnuld (4.858m), Mestia’s home mountain, fondly named “the white bride of Svaneti” rising majestically at the end of the Enguri side valley. After a slight descent we follow the river Mulkhura till we reach the village Shabeshi, part of the Mulakhi settlement.

Hike distance: approx. 20km, time: approx. 5 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 500m, down approx. 300m

Overnight stay in Shabeshi (B/P/D)

7At the foot of Tetnuld Glacier

Laghvi Church, Tviberi Valley, Adishi

Our hike begins in the Shabeshi village at the altitude of 1.690m and leads southwest. Passing by the Laghvi church of Saint George, the route constantly rises up to the altitude of 2.450m. Here the magnificent view opens over the village Shabeshi and down onto the Tviberi Valley. Eastwards from here lies the Tetnuldi Glacier. The route leads on across the alpine zone to the altitude of 2.700m with a far reaching view over the Enguri Valley. The next part of the route (for about 30 minutes) is bit arduous and leads up to a ski slope, the sensational panoramic view from up there over the entire Enguri Valley makes the effort well-worth giving. The last section of today’s track goes steeply down to the altitude of 2.350m followed by a relatively easier part of towards the river valley until we reach the village Adishi at the altitude of 2.030m.

Hike distance: approx. 12km, time: approx. 6-7 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 1.000m, down approx. 650m

Overnight stay in Adishi (B/P/D)

8Over the Chkhutnieri Pass

Adishi Church, Chkhutnieri Pass, Kalde

The route starts a short distance away from the village Adishi, leads along the river Adishis’chala up to its source at the altitude of 2.400m at the foot of the Adishi Glacier. Here we cross the river on horsebacks and continue our way uphill over the Chkhutnieri Pass (2.720m). From here you enjoy yet another fantastic view over the mighty 5000s, i.a. Mount Ushba, Tetnuld and the second highest mount in Georgia Jangitau (5.058m). Further on, the track runs down very steep and then along the river Kaldes’chala passing by a small waterfall, proceeds to the village Kalde at the altitude of 1.900m, goes uphill again and ends in the village Iprali.

Hike distance: approx. 17km, time: approx. 7-8 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 700m, down approx. 850m
Overnight stay in Iprali (B/P/D)

9The highest village in Europe

Iprali, Lamaria Church, Ushguli

Today our destination is Europe’s highest permanently inhabited village Ushguli (2.200m). The route starts in Iprali. Only a short distance away from Iprali lies the most important sanctuary of the Svans, the Lagurka Church of Saint Kvirike. The church harbours valuable Svan-Georgian fresco artworks. The route follow the torrential Enguri River upstream and runs across a valley to Ushguli. The picturesque fortress-towers, constructed with layered shale rocks, were granted the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status in 2006. A leisurely walk through the village and its church Lamaria, a basilica from the 9th-10th c. with its own Fortress tower and frescos of the Svanian School dating back to the 10th c. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view upon the village-ensemble with its impressive fortress towers surrounded by mighty glacier-giants.

Hike distance: approx. 15km, time: approx. 7-8 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 600m, down approx. 200m
Overnight stay in Ushguli (B/P/D)

10Hiking along a glacial river

Enguri Valley, Shkhara Glacier, Bezingi-Wall

Today with take a long but exciting hike from Ushguli across the wild Enguri Valley and upstream along the river to its origin at the foot of the Shkhara Glacier (5.200m). Shkhara is the highest mountain in Georgia and the third highest in the Greater Caucasus. It slightly towers above the Bezingi-Wall, an imposing, over 12-kilometre-long glacier range with altitude mostly beyond the limit of 5.000m.

Hike distance: approx. 18km, time: approx. 8 hrs.
Altitude difference: up approx. 200m, down approx. 200m

Overnight stay in Ushguli (B/P/D)

11Hike to the Latpari Pass and journey back to Kutaisi

Latpari Pass, Lentekhi

After a short drive we hike to the Latpari Pass (2.828m) with a magnificent view over the giant mounts of the region: Ushba (4.700m), Tetnuldi (4.858m) and Laila (3.602m). Afterwards, we continue our off-road journey to Lentekhi and on to Kutaisi. The long journey through the Lentekhi is fairly strenuous, however, the enchantingly beautiful scenery during the entire drive makes it absolutely worthwhile. The Greater Caucasus reveals itself once again in all its versatility and splendour.

Driving distance: approx. 170km, time: approx. 7 hrs. (off-road)
Overnight stay in Kutaisi (B/-/D)

12Kvevri potter & traditional wine estate

Shrosha, IAGO’s Marani, Tbilisi

After breakfast journey back to Tbilisi. En route we stop in Shrosha, a village with particularly large clay deposits. This is where the larger part of the traditional Georgian ceramic bowls, jugs and kvevris are produced. Kvevris are the clay amphorae embedded in the earth to provide a natural temperature balance for wine seasoning. The Georgian kvevri-wine producing method counts more than 8.000 years and ranks among the oldest of the UNESCO world culture heritage. Making a kvevri is a very special form of pottery and there are only a few masters who carry on the traditional craft. In Shrosha we will visit one of them.
We continue our journey to a family wine estate IAGO’s Marani near Mtskheta. Since many years the viticulturist has revived quite a few old endemic vines and produces fine organic wines according to the Georgian kvevri method. After dinner and wine degustation we continue our journey back to Tbilisi. 

Driving distance: approx. 270km, time: approx. 4-5 hrs.
Overnight stay in Tbilisi (B/-/D)


Transfer to the airport as usual early in the morning.



  • All transfers according to the programme, in a comfortable minibus
  • Off-road vehicles for day 11
  • Airport transfer 2x

    Airport transfer is included in the price only if the arrival is on the preceding- and the departure on the following day of the tour-programme. Otherwise we charge additional 20 € per transfer.

  • In case of less than 8 participants in a group, the transportation during the entire tour will be provided in a comfortable off-road vehicle.

Travel guide:

  • Continuous, English-speaking GEORGIA INSIGHT guide.


  • Tbilisi, hotel*** 3x
  • Kutaisi, family-run hotel 2x
  • Becho, family-run guesthouse 1x
  • Etseri, family-run guesthouse 1x
  • Mestia, family-run hotel 1x
  • Shabeshi, family-run guesthouse 1x
  • Adishi, family-run guesthouse 1x
  • Iprali, family-run guesthouse 1x
  • Ushguli, family-run hotel 2x
  • All rooms with own shower/WC

Please note: single rooms are available only in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Mestia


  • Half board: breakfast, dinner
    in Tbilisi a. Kutaisi
  • Full board in Svaneti: breakfast, picknick, dinner
    on days 4-10
  • One bottle of water a day


  • According to the programme


Not included:

  • Flight
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages except for the degustations according to the programme
  • Tips


You are going to need only a daypack for the trekking in Svaneti, the main luggage will be transported in a vehicle from accommodation to accommodation.

Check our packing list for trekking tours

Baggage Svaneti

You are going to need only a daypack.The rest of the luggage will be transported in a vehicle.

Single room in the mountain regions

The  availability of a single room in the mountainous regions is very limited. In case of 8 or more participants, the accommodations will be provided in double or triple rooms.

Open questions

You can further information under the menu point Travel information and FAQs. Should there be any open questions left, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be happy to answer any further questions you have.

Long driving distance

Some day-routes require a relatively longer driving distance. Nevertheless, they are carefully planned to be diverse and exciting. You are welcome to have photo stops and/or a picnic en route.


Ankle boots with a profiled sole are absolutely enough for hiking. Some monasteries have strict dressing regulations. Ladies have to wear a longer skirt and a headscarf, gentlemen - long trousers (below knee) and a shirt with sleeves (over shoulders). We would recommend you to pack some clothes in classic style for restaurants, Georgians in general, go out very well dressed.

Important general notes

Tourism in Georgia is relatively young and should not be compared with the standards in other European countries. Loud conversations at neighbouring tables, smoking at windows and/or doors that can not be closed tight are sometimes unavoidable and should not cloud your mood. We chose all the restaurants and accommodations thoroughly and do our best to deliver the best possible quality. We ask for your understanding in case we have to carry out short-term changes in the travel programme necessary due to bad weather conditions.

Stalin Museum

On the way through Gori you pass the Stalin Museum. A museum visit is not part of the travel programme, nevertheless, in case of interest and enough time we can arrange the museum tour for additional cost paid on site.


The accommodation in Tbilisi is provided in 3-star hotels, in the countryside - in family-run hotels/guesthouses, in remote regions - private home guesthouses. We chose all the accommodations very carefully. Nevertheless, please note that the standards here should not always be compared with those in west Europe.


We recommend you to carry your purse close to your body, not to leave your baggage unattended in public places, to calculate the sum before exchanging money and to check change.


You require a passport valid for at least six months after your departure.

Price list

participants price per person
6 1475 €
5 1630 €
4 1865 €
3 2255 €
2 3035 €

all prices incl. a double room
surcharge for a single occupancy: 150 € per person