General Travel Reulations (GTRs)

Dear traveller, please read the following regulations carefully. They settle the contractual relationship between you (as traveller) and GEORGIA INSIGHT Ltd., Tabukashvili st. 41, 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia.


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1. Contract conclusion

The travel booking can be carried out by email or enquiry form and becomes binding upon receipt of our booking confirmation email. The applicant assumes responsibility for all the participants registered by him/her.

2. Services

The scope of services is determined by the travel programme and the referring specifications given in the booking confirmation. Subsidiary arrangements which modify the contractual agreements of the travel offer  become valid only upon our written confirmation.   

3. Payment

Upon receipt of our booking confirmation 20% of the full travel price becomes due within 14 days starting from the contract conclusion date, unless your contract provides any other payment term. The remaining sum of the travel price is due no later than four weeks prior to the travel commencement. If the time period between the contract conclusion and the travel commencement is less than 4 weeks, the full travel price is due directly upon the contract conclusion.

4. Service- and price changes

We reserve the right to change service and price on important grounds (e.g. an increase in the fuel costs or major currency fluctuations). In case of a travel price increase by more than 8% or in case of a significant change concerning an essential travel service component you are entitled to withdraw from the travel contract free of charge.

5. Cancellation by the client (costs) and a substitute traveller

You can withdraw from the travel contract at any time. In this case Georgia Insight loses its right to the full travel price but can claim a reasonable compensation. In case of a contract withdrawal the following cancellation fees will arise:

before 45 days prior to the travel commencement 20%
from day 44 to day 29 prior to the travel commencement 40%
from day 28 to day 15 prior to the travel commencement 60%
from day 14 prior to the travel commencement 90% 

You can name a substitude traveller. For a traveller substitution we charge processing fee of 50 EUR. Any other additional costs (e.g. flight rebooking) are at customer’s expense.

6. Exclusion from participation

We reserve the right to exclude those participants from participation, who can not meet a specific travel requirement (e.g. surefootedness). The exclusion may be decided upon during the tour on site.
Similarly, we will unfortunately have to exclude those participants – after a warning -  who show crude offense or continuous desrespectfull and/or destructive behavior towards the country, the people or other travel participants. In this case we preserve the right to claim the full travel price.

7. Liability

Your participation in the journey is at your own risk and you solely are liable for your own physical integrity.

We as organiser of the journey are responsible for conscientious and precise organisation and execution of the agreed-upon services, for a careful selection of local guides and for the accuracy of the travel description provided to you.

We assume no liability for flight delays or cancellations and for damaged or lost baggage. Any damage or delay of hold baggage has to be immediately reported to the relevant airline.

8. Weather

We assume no liability for changes in the travel programme necessary due to  bad weather conditions. In our travel offers we point to the best suitable time for a respective journey and to the accessibility of the roads on the itinerary. Nevertheless, we preserve the right for programme alteration caused by sudden change in the weather.

Additional charges for necessary transfer- and hotel rebooking (applies particularly to trekking & mountaineering) shall be borne by both parties in equal shares. Under bad weather conditions you can carry out an alternative tour programme in consultation with your guide. Any resulting additional costs shall be borne by the traveller.

9. Exceptional circumstances

Should the journey be significantly hindered, jeopardised or adversely affected due to unforeseeable force majeure (e.g. natural catastrophe, war), both parties, the travellers as well as the tour operator, have the right to withdraw from the travel contract.  The travel operator assumes the liability to take the necessary measures to transport the travellers back to the starting point of the tour. The additional transportation costs shall be borne by both parties in equal shares, the remaining charges shall be borne by the traveller.

10. Complaint

Complaints regarding the contractually agreed services are to be immediately notified to your guide or GEORGIA INSIGHT, to ensure prompt corrective action, if procurable. The local guide is not entitled to recognise any claims or confirm any flaws or shortcomings. The guide is only entitled to take note of and forward the complaint.

Termination of the travel contract is only permissable if GEORGIA INSIGHT fails to provide a reasonable solution. If the traveller neglects to report a shortcoming, he/she forfeits any right to claim price reduction or compensation.

11. Travel documents

Please make sure your travel document (passport, visa, etc.) has the required validity period! The traveller is responsible for the adherence to the entry regulations. All possible disadvantages, especially payment of the withdrawal costs resulting from disregard of these requirements or from failure to meet them shall be borne by the client. Further information can be obtained from the federal foreign office in your country.

12. Insurance

The traveller is responsible for the conclusion of travel cancellation-, travel health- and accident isurances. Travel insurances are not included in the price. We also recommend to conclude the return insurance (applies especially to trekking & mountaineering).

13. Not utilised services

Should the traveller not be able to utilise any individual travel component by reason of premature departure due to illness or any other reason attributable to the client, the traveller has no claim to proportional reimbursement.

If the journey can not be carried out fully or partially due to non-appearance of the client (e.g. private reasons, flight cancellation), similarly the traveller has no claim to any refund.

14. Copyrights

The travel offers, as well as the photographs and maps they contain are intellectual property of GEORGIA INSIGHT. They can not be copied, modified, used in any other ways for commercial purposes or transmission to other websites, in particular.

15. Severability clause

The invalidity of individual regulations of the travel contract does not have the ineffectiveness of the entire contract as a consequence.

16. Disputes

We are committed to resolving any disputes in a fast and direct way. We have so far always succeeded to find a reasonable solution to any issue. Should there be a case where this is not possible, the place of jurisdiction applied is Tbilisi (the registration place of GEORGIA INSIGHT).

Tabukashvili st. 41
0108 Tbilisi, Georgien

Director: George Tevdorashvili


GTRs as PDF download

Account details as PDF download