Get to know Georgia

Georgia is a fairy-tale land full of surprises at the eastern edge of Europe. Just a few years ago Georgia was still an insider tip, this has changed by now. Find out here what makes Georgia so unique!

Between Orient and Occident

Lying on the border line between Asia and Europe, Georgia resembles a multi-coloured mosaic of different cultures and religions. All the major trade roads of the civilised world ran right through the midst of the country bringing Georgia into contact with Egypt, Persia and Europe.

Georgia's living traditions

Georgia's culture is a mindblowing mixture of old familiar, long forgotten, long believed lost and enchanting new at the eastern edge of Europe. What makes Georgia stand out ist its fairytale-like location on the southern slopes of the Caucasus and its vibrant traditions.

Historical regions in Georgia

Georgia surprises by its varsatile nature and its abundance of flora and fauna. To this day the remote mountain regions remain almost untouched by the negative effects of civilasation. Georgia has the highest biodiversity in Europe and along its latitude around the world.

Georgia - land of myths and legends

Georgia has been a cross-through land for travellers from Persia, India and China for centuries. Being always a hotspot of opposing interests due to its strategically appealling location, Georgia was part of all the significant political and cultural epochs since the onset of human thought. 

Undiscovered treasures of Georgia

Many of Georgia's unique characteristics are not evident at first sight. Some of the most beautiful and exciting points of interest can be discovered on a walk through the Tbilisi old town: art nouveau buildings in their original condition and traditional houses sometimes being carefully refurbished right in front of your eyes.