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Georgia at a glance

Georgian National and Georgian orthodox church flags
Georgian National and Georgian Patriarchate flags

Country name: Georgia
Country name in Georgian: Sakartvelo ( literal meaning: place of the Kartvelians)

Language: Georgian (official lang.) 71%, Russian 9%, English and German as  common foreign languages
Minority languages: Abkhasian, Armenian 7%, Azerian 6% and Osetian more on the Georgian language

Capital: Tbilisi (old: Tiflis) with 1,16 Mill. residents (date: 2014)

Timezone: CET +2-3, in Summer 2 hours, in winter 3 hours. current time in Georgia

Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL), divided in 100 Tetri

Climate: warm and sutropical-humid in the West, dry and mild in the East 
Location: between 41° and 44° north latitude, 40° and 47° east from Turkey, south part of the Caucasus, east side of the Black Sea
National territory: 69.700 km² (incl. Samachablo (selfproclaimed South Osetia and Abkhasia); 7.215 km² (excl. Samachablo and Abkhasia) Georgraphical location

Population: 83,8% Georgian, 5,7% Armenian, 6,5% Azerbaijani, 0,9% Osetian, 0,1% Abkhasian, 1,5% Russian ethnology of Georgia
Total population: 3,7 Mill (date: January 2015; just in 2012 - 4,5 Mill)
Population density: 53.5 (incl. Samachablo and Abkhasia); 65.18 (excl. Samachablo and Abkhasia) inhabitants a km²

Holidays: public holidays in Georgia:

1. January New Year's Day
7. January orthodox Christmas
19. January orthodox Epiphany
3. March Mother's Day
8. March International Women's Day
9. April National Holiday (Day of National Unity)
9. May Victory Day 
12. May St. Andreas' Day
26. May The Independence Day
28. August Mariamoba, orthodox Maria Ascention Day
14. October Mtskhetoba, Georgian-orthodox holiday
23. November Giorgoba, St. George's Day

The orthodox Easter is a floating holiday and an official holiday in Georgia as well. (8. April 2018, 28. April 2019, 19. April 2020).

Religion: Georgian Orthodox 83,9%, Moslem 9,9%, Russian Orthodox 2%, Armenian Gregorian 3,9%, Katholic 0,8%, Baptist, Protestant, Jewish the Georgian-orthodox Christianity

Coat of arms: Saint George
Flag: Five crosses on a white background
Slogan: Power by unity (lit. power lies in unity, Georg.: dzala ertobashia)

National anthem: Tavisupleba (freedom)

My icon is my motherland, and the whole world is its icon shrine,
Bright mounts and valleys are shared with God.
Our freedom today sings to the glory of the future,
The morning star is rising and lighting up between the two seas,
So praise be to freedom, to freedom be praise!

The first verse of the Georgian National Anthem

State form: republic, form of government: semipresidential system
Head of state: Salome Zourabichvili (party "Georgian Dream"), since December 2018
Head of government: Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze (party "Georgian Dream"), since June 2018
Minister of Foreign Affairs: David Zalkaniani (party "Georgian Dream"), since June 2018
Parliament: single-chamber parliament with 150 chairs (77 chairs on the party list and 73 direct mandates); the last parliamentary elections were held on 08.10.2016. Parliamentary president since 25.06.2019 is Archil Talakvadze (party "Georgian Dream"). The next parliamentary elections are scheduled in October 2020.

Parliament building in Kutaisi, opened in 2012

Government party: the coalition "Georgian Dream" gained victory in the parliamentary elections in the 1st of Oktober 2012 and with 83 chairs still holds the absolute majority in the Parlament. The party consists of an alliance of 6 parties ("Georgian Dream", Free Democrates, Republicans, National Forum, Conservatives, Industrial Party), which is represented in the parliament in form of three different fractions.
the "Unitied National Movement“ has 59 seats in parliament. Other opposition parties are not represemted in the Parliament (failed to pass the 5% hurdle). 
Administrative bodies:
 9 regions, 5 autonomous cities (excl. Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali Region)

Registration plate: GEO
Internet abbrev.: .ge

Telephone country code: 995, area code Tbilisi: 322

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