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Sustainability for Georgia

Naturschutzgebiet Kasbek Region

The focus for all our travel offers is placed on susutainability, to not destroy the invaluable wealth of the country, the very reason for travelling in Georgia. We relinquish harmful extreme-travel offers, such as heliskiing and jeep tours and set highest value on environmentally conscious travelling in smaller groups.

Due to difficult road conditions, especially in the mountainous regions, off-road vehicles are indispensible and therefore, we use them when absolutely necessary. Furthermore, we are committed to using environmentally friendly transport and business models, which is unfortunately not always easy in Georgia. 

Assuming social responsibility

We support personal contact between travellers annd local residents, so, our choice falls on family-run hotels and restaurants. Due to long-term contacts we have a broad-range private accommodation network. This gives our guests the opportunity to get not only a close insight into the everyday life of Georgians, but also to fully enjoy the multi-facetted Georgian cuisine.

New paths to the future

We strive to promote the awareness, in our local partners as well as in our guests, of a responsible treatment of culture and nature of the country and its healthy further development. This includes ecological awareness and socially responsible behavior, as well as respect for the customs and life-style of local residents.

With our efforts GEORGIA INSIGHT wants to make a long-lasting contribution to the future of the country and a fruitful relationship between Georgia and European countries.

The TourCert Seal

TourCert Committed Seal

We represent the philosophie of the association Forum Anders Reisen (English: Travel Differently Forum) and right from the foundation of our company seek to strictly adhere to the CSR criteria. Since 2012 we are annually labelled with the TouCent Check seal.

TourCent certifies and awards the seal for sustainibility and corporate responsibility in tourism. New comer companies outside the EU are granted with the TourCent Check seal.

More information on TourCert Check certification

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