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How it began ...

With the collapse of the Soviet Union Georgia turned from the richest soviet- into the poorest CIS country overnight. In the chaotic 90s George Tevdorashvili completed his studies and had to realise that his homeland had no attractive outlook to offer. He applied to a university in Germany and left Georgia in 1997, being one of the few, who were lucky enough to get a study visa.

Katrin und George Tevdorashvili

In Germany George met his future wife Katrin. In 1999 they travelled to Georgia for the first time together. The highlight of the journey was the visit to the David Gareji Monastery that had just become accessible again after being a long-time prohibited area used as a military drill ground during the soviet times.

In summer 2001 George was asked if he would like to accompany a group of teachers from Heidenhein a. d. Brenz during their study-tour across Georgia. The keen interest in the participants and the realisation of how little Europeans knew about Georgia awakened in him the desire to enthuse more people for his homeland.

George did an internship at the German-speaking tour operator ERKA Reisen (ERKA travels) and every summer from than on worked as a driver, interpreter and guide in Georgia. The government change in 2003 led to substancial economic reforms in Georgia. 

In 2009, after living for more than ten years in Germany, George with his wife Katrin and meanwhile four children returned back to Georgia. In 2011 they founded the travel company GEORGIA INSIGHT together, with the goal in vision to realise their own travel ideas by means of the experience gained in Germany and the possibilities offered by the political turn.

Within a few years Georgia had developed from a a land for truly advanturous visitors to a popular travel destination. While a few years earlier travellers were happy to get a driver to get them to places, now things such as accommodation fitting the European standards and the flawless organisation of a journey suddenly became a self-evident prerequisite.

With only a laptop, an off-road vehicle, a minibus, and plenty of enthusiasm the company began to function.

One of the first contracts was the film Eastwards - with a backpack towards the Sun (German: Ostwärts - mit einem Rucksack die Sonne entgegen), a travel documentary of the German TV channel MDR with Julia Finkernagel.

One Person can make a difference

Certificate Leader of the Branch


Today GEORGIA INSIGHT belongs to one of the most important providers for travelling in Georgia. Over time our company developed many enduring alliances with companies with similar corporate philosophy and the number of enquiries is constantly rising.

We are especially proud of our longstanding employees and uninterrupted development. We remained consistent to our fundamental values such as personal approach to our clients and assistance from planing to carrying out: every travel offer is developed with utmost care and devotion. Every journey remains a unique experience.

In 2016 GEORGIA INSIGHT was awarded the "Leader of the Branch" of the Union of National Business Rating and of the National Statistics Office of Georgia. GEORGIA INSIGHT was the second best among the approved tourist agencies in Tbilisi and the third best in Georgia. Within the framework of three-year-long statistical evaluation (2014-2016) the continuity and stability of our company was especially appreciated.